1950's and 60's Who's Who

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Here, as two complete page scans, is the "Who's Who" as it originally appeared in The Dan Dare Dossier.

1950's and 60's Who's Who Page Scan 1


1950's and 60's Who's Who Page Scan 2


For a more easily readable transcription of this "Who's Who", go to my other "1950's and 60's Who's Who" page.

To see a detailed and illustrated profile of all the major characters that featured in the 2002 "Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future" CGI cartoon TV series, go to my "2002 TV Series Who's Who" page.

For a complete listing of the weekly adventures of Dan Dare and The Mekon (and the rest of the cast of characters) that appeared in the 1950's and 60's "Eagle", plus details of all the other weekly stories they starred in - including the 2002 TV series - go to my "Weekly Comic-Strip Serials Listing" page.

For more detailed information on the Treens, including how they evolved on Venus and how they created The Mekon, go to my pages about "The Treen Dynasty".


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