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Here is a "Who's Who" providing detailed and illustrated biographies of all the major characters (not just Dan Dare and The Mekon) that featured in the 2002 "Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future" CGI cartoon TV series. It was mirrored here (with minor modifications and corrections) from the Official Dan Dare Website.

The Mekon

THE MEKON is the autocratic evil leader of the Treens. He is super intelligent, condescending, dangerous and without emotion, save that of revenge. His character is the exact antithesis of Dan Dare's. He has become the Earth's and the Solar System's most implacable enemy. Alongside him, millions of armed men bow to his spoken command. He is continually devising new and more deadly schemes in his attempt to gain control of planets and eventually the total Universe. He thinks nothing of using nuclear or biological weapons and economic blockades to the same ends.


Dan Dare

DAN DARE is the true super English hero. A cool, suave, sophisticated man with a lively satirical wit. A brilliant pilot and true adventurer, ruthlessly dedicated to his profession - cross him at your peril. He will always rely on common sense and determination to prevail but if it does not, there is no escaping his sheer dedication to succeed. Having been the No.1 pilot in the World Council's elite Spacefleet Command, he has now become the Solar System's most accomplished spy, conveniently operating in a breathtaking scientific Universe.



DIGBY, affectionately known as "Dig", is the always-reliable co pilot, who sits in the No.2 seat. An ace flyer, dedicated to his leader Dan Dare, he's proved highly effective in watching his Commander's tail, both in the air and on hostile ground. He's comically dedicated to finding the path of least resistance on any mission. He's a firm believer in conserving energy and limiting exposure to dangerous situations, but when needed, he's always right there, in the mix.


Sir Hubert Guest

SIR HUBERT GUEST is the Oxford educated father figure of Spacefleet Command. Sir Hubert was Dan Dare's mentor at flying school. He pioneered deep space travel and was the Commander of the first manned landing on Mars. He has proved himself to be as sharp and agile as a man many years his junior and is totally respected by those who have had the privilege to serve under him. His new role is as Head of the Global Intelligence Agency - the supreme super spy!


Professor Jocelyn Peabody

PROFESSOR JOCELYN PEABODY, known as "the Prof", makes Lara Croft looks tame! The brilliant solar scientist, linguist and kick boxing fanatic is begrudgingly accepted on high-risk missions by sceptical Spacefleet male colleagues. Very early in her high-rise solar career, she struck a blow for full equality for the female sex. She has a total admiration for Dan Dare but for professional reasons, knows that's as far as it will ever go.


Hank Hogan

HANK HOGAN hails from cattle country, having been raised on the family's cattle ranch in Abilene, Texas. He's a rough shot, highly talented pilot with a hatred of red tape. He's known for his love of informal dress, his natural optimistic outlook to life and his rebellious nature. He has a tendency to call it like he sees it and, as such, he can be a bit insufferable. But when the going gets tough, Hank really gets going!


Pierre Lafayette

PIERRE LAFAYETTE, born in Paris, has become one of France's greatest test pilots. He is a great philosopher, a thinker, a romancer and the quietest member of Dan's team. He's very close to Hank and the two characters complement each other perfectly, one lively and loud and the other quiet, cool and sophisticated...



SONDAR is a Treen from the Planet Venus and was therefore a supporter of the evil Mekon. However, he openly began to question the actions of The Mekon and as a result he was instantly diagnosed to have a major brain malfunction. After being exposed to the philosophy of the Earthmen he began, slowly, to realise that the totally scientific life that he had been leading in the service of The Mekon was very wrong. Dan saved his life on a solar mission and as a result, Sondar has dedicated his loyalty to the super hero. Being an "Earthling" now, he has developed a sense of humour, which causes him to emit a strange mechanical laugh.



STRIPEY is a highly intelligent baby elephant and nobody really knows how or why he adopted Dan and his team, let alone how he got to accompany them on their solar missions. That being said, he has proven to be a loyal and invaluable member of the team. His "second sense" to smell danger is simply remarkable and his commitment to protect Dan and the team in deadly situations is never failing.



RETRO is the little-seen but often-heard "gabber" that has declared himself "The Voice of the Solar System", and he plays an eclectic mixture of legendary rock music combined with his own solar fast patter and commentary. He's a wild man, having commandeered an escape pod from a Spacefleet ship in Saturn orbit, to create his own orbital space radio station and he's constantly swimming in a floating sea of zero-gee records. From his orbital vantage point, with a few dilapidated, yet powerful telescopes, he sees all, both below and in space and what he doesn't see his loyal listeners call up and tell him about. He has occasionally spotted an impending disaster before anybody else, but generally Dan Dare and his team find him somewhat annoying.



ARES was born on the outer rings of Saturn and is a tough, aristocratic individual. He is brilliant but unbalanced with a Napoleonic complex. He's always concerned about his distorted visual appearance yet he still believes he is destined for global greatness and ultimate rule. After leading an insurrection aboard one of the earliest "deep survey" ships he accidentally stumbled upon alien artefacts of great power and worth in the Asteroid Belt. He then formed and took command of a gang of terrifying space pirates. Their role was to attack, steal and destroy solar shipping and crews at whatever cost. Total galactic piracy...



KAFKA was born on Mars into a wealthy evil family of solar oil barons. He was quick to realise the huge potential of a newly discovered non-polluting super fuel, Metahelium, on the huge plains of Mars. He soon gained a ruthless near monopoly, shipping the fuel to planet Earth. Competition, when it appeared, was simply removed. However, he personally suffered serious burns to his face and body in a horrific explosion at one of the Martian well heads. He's a billionaire many times over and his company, Meta Inc., has a solar fleet of huge mining and explorer spacecraft, across the Universe. Where Kafka goes, evil follows.


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