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The following week's sequel to this story introduced us to a new Dan Dare - the great, great grandson of the original - with stories set far in the future from when the original Dan Dare's adventures took place. Eventually, after many weeks of adventures featuring the new Dan Dare, we learned (through a flashback story) that the original Dan Dare had, in the new Eagle's take on the "Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future" saga, been an ace World War 2 fighter-pilot who had especially distinguished himself during The Battle of Britain. After the war he had become the RAF's top test-pilot, but during a test flight in 1950 he mysteriously vanished. He was apparently hurled forward through time to 1994 following an accident during an encounter with UFO's (which turned out to be Treen spaceships) when two of the UFO's he was pursuing in his aircraft collided and exploded. Once in the future he was recruited by the Interplanet Spacefleet, whereupon all his adventures and encounters with The Mekon started, and his true origins were kept Top Secret. This is why there is a grave for Dan Dare marked "Lost in Action 1950" in Highgate Cemetery at the end of the story reprinted above.

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